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The New Wave of Recreation!

A Business Package with a License Agreement. 
One Annual License Fee!
NO Franchise Fees & No Royalties


From the Creator


We have been operating at resorts for nearly two decades. It has been wildly successful for guest experience as well as financially. We recognize the demand for recreations departments to be able to offer this activity, and the need for a small investment of time to learn the process. 

We are so proud to announce our new package designed for simplicity and portability. Pops up in minutes. Training is virtual. Marketing material drives customers to a sign up sheet. Your activities team will enjoy serving up the fun, and your customers will love their experience. Their keepsake will hang on their wall for years to come. Most of all, it's highly profitable!


As the GM Kelly Hancock from Spinnaker resorts says, "Guests return each year looking forward to signing up and creating more memories and more great art." See pg 7 Gary Bliel and his team at Omni Amelia Island have been using this package for years and he calls it "Fun, portable and profitable." Pg 4.

Here's to miles of smiles!



A Money Making Sandbox!! 



My family and I used to vacation on St Thomas at The Ritz Carlton every year with our children and parents. This is where we met Magic Milk Island Art in 2004. Each year we returned to the resort excited to add a new memory to our collection.

July 2022 we finally took the dive with Magic Milk and opened our own sandbox here in Isle of Palms SC. Ashley assisted us in securing our resort at Wild Dunes Resort. We opened up with a bang and love “pouring out the FUN”

with families looking for quality experiences. We’re like the life of the party... The package is perfectly scaled for simplicity and beautifully mastered for profitability. We are proud, second generation licensees. Couldn’t be happier.

Dive In! Our family has a business we can all be involved in and we're all having fun and making money.

Kim & Chris, Licensees

Look who we have done business with

and are doing business with!

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