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Our Story, Livin' the Dream


 In 1985, I moved to St. Thomas with surfboard in hand. 

Surfer girl meets surfer boy and has 2 surfer kids.

Their little footprints in the sand were BIG inspiration. We began pouring footprints in the sand at the Ritz Carlton so families on vacation could capture special memories as well.

This was the humble beginnings of Magic Milk Island Art. The rest is divine inspiration.

Introducing the crew

Our team of passionate, seasoned sand art professionals

help make your experience in the sand box SANDTASTIC!

Ashley Willis and Jackie McCall
Ashley Willis
Jackie McCall
President of Magic Island Art
Island Girl Mom the Bomb and Kathi
"Island Girl"
"Mom The Bomb"
Sandbox Artist
Brittany D.
Brittany D.
Marketing Manager
6 year Sandbox Vet
Johnny Willis
Johnny Willis
Sandbox Artist 
Over 20 Years
Our family in love

Family owned and operated!

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