Our Story, Living the Dream

I moved to St. Thomas in 1984 with surfboard in hand. This is where I raised my two children. We spent endless days on white sandy beaches with turquoise waters. Alexis and John’s little footprints melted my heart so I figured out a way to make them permanent. I fell in love with their footprints in the sand and started traveling to resorts on the island so families on vacation could capture that special moment in time as well. This was the humble beginnings of Magic Island Art. The rest is, without a doubt, divine inspiration and a blessing from God. We now offer our business opportunity with a license agreement. Folks all over the world are now "Livin the Dream" as well. Won’t you join us?

Introducing the crew

Our team of passionate, seasoned sand art professionals help make your experience in the sand box SANDTASTIC!

World's Most Famous Beach, Daytona's Most Famous Keepsake!

Ashley Willis
President of Magic Island Art
Jackie McCall
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