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ellis howard
Aug 16, 2021
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Update interesting games in io games. is a fun game in which you control a rotting dinosaur. Your mission is to charge into the opponent and annihilate them. Discover exceptional abilities in the game. is a fun labyrinth arcade game that is similar to Pacman. In this version, you'll take on the role of a dinosaur who must navigate the maze while avoiding ghosts and collecting all of the food in order to get points. To level up and buy upgrades, collect eggs from the ground. Press Space to transform into a fake tree, or hide beneath trees and jump out at your opponents. In the game, there are skills and tactics. Starting the game by collecting eggs is a smart idea. You should consider purchasing an upgrade once you've leveled up a few times. If you want a productive, fast-paced game, improving your spin rate is critical since it speeds up your turns. If you want to play a more interesting game of killing a lot of people or pretending to be a tree, you need to grow in size. In any case, find a good hiding location and then charge at your opponents. You may also spend the entire game attacking your opponents by sprinting around the arena!

ellis howard

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